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America and Trump dissenters

The Trump dissenters are not a single, unified organization. There seem to be three types of constituencies among the Trump dissenters: 1) the true believers, 2) the pragmatists and 3) the anarchists.

Get a Gogroove Bluesync retro Bluetooth speaker for $14.99

Looks cool, sounds great, $10 cheaper than last time -- what's not to like? Plus: a great deal on the reader-favorite Obihai phone box.

Sonos demoes Alexa control, says more assistants coming

The multiroom music pioneer is starting with Amazon's ​Alexa, but says to expect more AI voice control.

Digital disruption is bigger than politics, says Aviva’s CFO

"I think these digital disruptive changes are actually bigger than any of the political situations we're seeing happening right now," Aviva's CFO tells CNBC.

AUTO REVIEW: 2017 Subaru Legacy is for all seasons

Subaru is known for its sturdy disposition. As for the 2017 Subaru Legacy, it’s a great go-to vehicle in the winter when the roads are less than perfect and a fun summer vehicle because it is a fun drive.

Tom Price, CNN ‘fake news’ attack

Georgia Republican Congressman Tom Price - nominated to serve as President Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services - is the latest victim of “fake news,” now forced to play defense against a misleading report from CNN.

When will Alexa and Google Assistant appear in speakers that actually sound good?

The Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers are great at reading the weather, but can't spin a tune to save their digital lives. How long till someone makes a talking speaker that really sings?

Confirm Scott Pruitt at EPA

Quick question: Who is likely to have more impact on the American economy? Treasury Secretary-nominee Steven Mnuchin or Environmental Protection Agency Administrator nominee Scott Pruitt?

Opening Ceremony possibility: A store in every big city

If there is one store that has shaped fashion retail in the 21st century, it's Opening Ceremony.

There will never be a liberal Tea Party

Power is the drug liberals live for and now they are going through the agony of withdrawal. That’s why a liberal answer to the Tea Party will never succeed.

Why Tea Party Patriots backs Jeff Sessions

Why does Tea Party Patriots stand behind Jeff Sessions? Because, quite simply, Sen. Sessions has always stood with us in our work upholding the rule of law and defending the U.S. Constitution.

At CES, the free Amp Me app wants to take on Sonos

Download this app to your phone or tablet and you'll be able to sync your audio playback with other devices around you.

2017 New Year’s resolution for Republicans

All across the country, Americans are writing their lists of New Year’s resolutions. But what about politicians? What is Washington resolved to accomplish in 2017?

LG Levitating Speaker makes your music fly

The hovering wireless speaker will debut at CES 2017.

Trump’s tax cut pledge

George H.W. Bush’s famous quote, “Read my lips. No new taxes,” became the quote most associated with his presidency. But by 1991, he had broken that pledge and voters never forgave him for it.

Trump and The New York Times

The New York Times is having a hard time understanding President-elect Donald Trump.

2016 Naughty or Nice List

The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock of the past year and to examine achievements, missed opportunities and areas for improvement. And Santa Claus is not the only one making a “naughty or nice” list for 2016.

Confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general

Senate Democrats have made clear their determination to do what has never been done before - defeat the confirmation of a sitting colleague who’s been nominated to a president’s cabinet. Their target? Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to serve as attorney general of the United States.

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