LG Levitating Speaker makes your music fly

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by Richard Trenholm December 27, 2016 3:56 AM PST @rich_trenholm

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You've heard of soaring music, but this is ridiculous. LG has created a speaker that actually flies.

Sort of, anyway. The LG Levitating Wireless Speaker, also known as the PJ9, hovers above its catchily-named Levitation Station base to play music with no wires, as if by magic.

The hovering speaker connects to two devices at a time over Bluetooth and kicks out 360-degree sound. When the battery runs low -- after 10 hours, according to LG -- the flying speaker sinks gently back into the dock. It's no floating Death Star speaker, but then what is?

The Levitating Speaker will be shown off for the first time at CES, the annual gadget extravaganza taking place in Las Vegas in the new year. Look out for loads of previews, photos and videos of the coolest new kit right here on CNET.


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