Watch: The Emmys’ Best Political Moments

Nothing is apolitical this year, and on Sunday night the Emmys proved no exception. But then again, in 2016, how could an event about television possibly be separated from politics? As host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out early in the evening, TV may be more responsible than anything else for the rise of Donald Trump. Kimmel even singled out the producer of Trump’s hit show, Celebrity Apprentice, as the specific person to blame— and the cameras helpfully pinpointed him in the audience. Aside from Kimmel’s barbs, there was Julia Louis-Dreyfus apologizing for Veep’s startling realism, Kate McKinnon casually thanking Hillary Clinton in her acceptance speech, Aziz Ansari pledging to vote for Trump and then, in Trump-like fashion, demanding that all the Muslim and Hispanic nominees leave the building, and plenty of other moments reminding us that television is no escape from politics. Watch them all here and despair.

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