Deleted 'Force Awakens' scene shows Chewie tearing off arm

Wookiee what he did!

A deleted scene from “Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens” shows everyone’s favorite wookiee, Chewbacca, yanking off the limb of a galactic tough guy, Unkar Plutt (played by an unrecognizable Simon Pegg).

Let’s rewind and see why that’s perfect.

In “A New Hope,” after R2-D2 pulls a smart move in the holographic game Dejarik, Han Solo warns C-3PO that “it’s not wise to upset a wookiee.”

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C-3PO then says that R2’s new strategy should be to let the wookiee win.

Then, decades later, it’s clear that Han wasn’t lying when he said wookiees “pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose.”

In J.J. Abrams’ bold 2015 sequel, it appears there was a particularly gruesome scene that ultimately hit the cutting room floor.

The approximately 45-second scene is set in Maz Kanata’s establishment for galactic pirates. Plutt, who’d previously doled out Rey’s food portions based on the amount of materials she’d scavenged, has shown up. He confronts Rey about a previous wrongdoing and Rey pulls her weapon on him — though she quickly loses it.

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Then Chewbecca appears, snatching the weapon away from Plutt. When the Crolute antagonist from Jakku doubles down on his threat, Chewie swiftly rips the man’s arm off and tosses it onto a nearby table, alarming the other patrons — who squeal and growl.

Are you asking why this scene, revealing an even more watchable Chewbecca, did not make the final cut?

It’s safe to say the scene’s a little too violent for the PG-13 franchise. As you’ve probably noticed, there is not much blood and guts in “Star Wars,” and usually when a stormtrooper is struck by a blaster, he’s/she’s practically dead on impact.

Then there’s geography to consider, which Nerdist points out. How could Plutt make it to Maz’s “speakeasy,” for lack of a better word, so quickly? He would’ve had to have beaten the Millennium Falcon there; and with the shape Plutt’s in, that’s just unlikely.

Compounding that issue, there’s the question of relevance. Is the scene gratuitous? Sure, it helps solidify the wookiee’s character, but fans already know just how downright awesome Chewie is. The story in “The Force Awakens” needed to propel Rey’s narrative — in whatever way got her closer to Luke Skywalker. Plutt losing his arm sure is eye-opening, but it’s definitely not required material.

Still, the caveat with that is: at least there’s a friendly neighborhood wookiee out there protecting his friends. It also proves Han was clearly not a liar when he warned his metallic droid friends about the hot-headed animal.

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