Here's the world according to Kanye West as he cancels tour

Kanye West's latest wave of concerts has been less about the music, and more about pushing his own personal agenda.

In the past week alone, the ever-controversial rapper passionately trumpeted his support for the similarly polarizing Donald Trump at one show, condemned Jay Z and Beyoncé before leaving after just 30 minutes at another and blatantly canceled a third altogether — all without any semblance of warning.

Now, he's officially forgoing the remainder of his "Saint Pablo" tour's American leg — all 21 shows of it — even though nobody truly knows what set him off in the first place.

The bizarre antics have left Yeezus' disciples understandably outraged and confounded, but luckily, West isn't keeping fans completely in the dark. He offers a window into his mind in a new wide-ranging interview for Surface magazine, covering meaty topics like business, branding and the future.

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So here's the world, according to Kanye West:

On his ideal form of communication:

"I think in the future … I don’t think people are gonna talk," he told the magazine. "They’re literally gonna communicate through eye contact, body language, emojis, do whatever without having to use words."

On emojis:

Kanye West ditches Sacramento concert after bizarre rant

"Thank God for emojis," West told Surface, before putting his hands up to emulate a symbol. "So often, this sign right here goes a long way and lets me get on with my day."

On making small talk with agents:

"I can't stand this thing, like with agents, the whole 'How was your day?’" he said. "It’s like, 'You don't care about my day. Why are you asking ask me about my day? Did we get done what we were supposed to get done?'"

On why companies are more equipped to change the world than political figures.

"I think companies that are brands can collectively come together for a single mission at a time to change the world," West said. "That’s exactly how it can happen. Like major conglomerates. I don’t want to pinpoint but … there’s a collective that can figure out the killings in the Chicago, can figure out solutions."

"There might be people that are focused on prosthetic arms, or focused on cancer, or focused on some type of movie script or something, or focused on some new form of tech, that actually could figure out the killings in Chicago if that was their goal."

On business:

“I think business has to be stupider," he told Surface. "I just want to do really straightforward, stupid business — just talk to me like a 4-year-old. And I refuse to negotiate. I do not negotiate. I can collaborate. But I’m an artist, so as soon as you negotiate, you’re being compromised.”

West’s entire interview can be viewed in a 35-minute video on the Surface magazine website.

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