Spice Girls: ‘It was pure sex shop’

SAUCY Spice was a nickname which could have applied to each of the five Spice Girls, as a wardrobe misunderstanding meant they pulled on kinky S&M outfits to film one of their first music videos.

As reported by The Sun, on the 20th anniversary of hit track Say You’ll Be There, director Vaughan Arnell has lifted the lid on the fashion dilemma which could have notched the music scenes to X-rated level.

While Victoria Beckham’s skin-tight black PVC catsuit and Geri Halliwell’s crop top and hotpants combination might have seemed the standard popstar clobber to their fans, Vaughan said he “couldn’t believe” the racy styling for their desert shoot.

He said: “It was all S&M clothes from a sex shop, I almost died. I was seriously wetting ­myself, let me tell you. I just thought, ‘How the hell are we going to put them in this?’”

He told The Sunday People the clobber was provided by the fashion assistant and said: “It was all Spandex and leather and it was just pure sex shop. But by some miracle, it really didn’t come across like that.”

The band expertly busted out intense dance routines in their super-skimpy clobber, ordinarily worn during sex games.


They endured the searing heat of the Majave desert in California as well as the climate’s harsh winds as they were styled with make up and hair techniques mirroring Seventies fashion.

The brief was inspired by the 1965 cult film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

It is also said to be the one which caught the eye of David Beckham as he first spotted his then wife-to-be, Victoria.

Posh Spice Victoria oozed sultriness with a dark lipstick and smoky eye, bold Geri donned red thigh high boots and Emma Bunton paired her LBD with blue gloves.

Vaughan added: “Victoria was amazing as she had to stand on the back of that car in the burning sun, dressed in that black PVC catsuit without moving.

“She was ­unbelievable. I think she’s the strongest. She was just brilliant.

“My lasting impression of her was her sense of humour. She was cool and made it a lot of fun. They all did.”

Vaughan’s fears the shoot would be axed and deemed unsuitable for TV were unfounded.

Instead, the video proved a hit with music-lovers and went on to score the pop princesses a Brit Award.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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photo of Spice Girls: ‘It was pure sex shop’

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