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Thanks to abundant snow, the West can expect a long, rollicking river rafting season

Whitewater thrill rides await in California and in its neighbors, but be aware that the extra rain may mean the kids can't come till later in the season and, in some cases, not at all.

Your guide to the best Final Four viewing parties in Las Vegas

Sure, the games will be played in Phoenix, but just about every bar, hotel and casino in Sin City is a place for March Madness fans to congregate and celebrate.

From the mellow, little Mexican island of Holbox, travelers head out to swim with the world's largest fish

From mid-May through mid-September, you might just encounter a (docile) whale shark. Meanwhile, sandy beaches, small hotels and sophisticated restaurants add to the allure.

How smooth is the sipping tequila from Casa Dragones in San Miguel de Allende? So smooth that Oprah called it dangerous

You think of tequila as something you sip. But this exclusive take on an old favorite is rapidly gaining fans.

It’s not just the wearing of the green on St. Pat’s; it’s the saving of it. Here are 6 ways to shave costs in Vegas

Maybe you want to learn how to properly pour a Guinness or maybe you just want to watch the green fireworks. It's all happening Friday -- and it won't cost you much either.

Volcano watchers in Hawaii trekked dangerously close to Kilauea's lava — and got caught

Thirteen visitors strayed beyond the safe zone to get a better look. What's the harm in that? Plenty--and that's when rangers moved in. The 13 may be fined; their guide could face jail. Here's why.

Everything's coming up primroses and poppies and ranunculuses, but these blooms won't last much longer

Flowers have had a tough go of it in the past few years. California's not the most hospitable climate, and the gods have been stingy with rain. But this is the year that everything changed.

Ojai goes a little crazy when Pixie tangerines arrive. Ready for a Pixie scrub or a Pixie margarita?

Visit the resort town in April and you'll find all kinds of spa treatments, coffee infusions and resort packages themed to the little orange fruit.

Here's where to see the magnificent waterfalls that have returned to SoCal after the big rains

In these six Southland locations, the spigot is finally turned on again after years of drought. Nothing quite like feeling their thunder and being cooled by their spray.

Here's something you didn't know about Tijuana: It's a great weekend escape for food lovers

Terrific new restaurants are serving delectable organic Baja fare, wine and craft beers, and artisanal mescals that are becoming the connoisseur's alternative to tequila.

In Puerto Escondido, great food, low prices, super surf. What's not to love? (Maybe a few things, but just a few)

Surfing, food, gorgeous tropical landscapes? This place on Oaxaca's Pacific coast has it all--and one more thing: It's amazingly affordable.

Who takes their 86-year-old dad to a cemetery? I did. But we were really in the desert for a golf weekend escape

A trip to the Coachella Valley and a PGA course make for more father-son memories.

Where to see the best wildflower shows around Los Angeles

Poppies, lupine, goldfields and more are popping, from the Santa Monica Mountains to Orange County. Don't miss this floral show, which will last only a few more weeks in some areas.

Are you too old to rent a car? Maybe not, at least not the U.S. But abroad? That's another issue

Hitting the open road is not always as easy as making a reservation and hopping in, especially if you're of a certain age. How to avoid travel troubles.

Want to to get a bigger charge out of that cycling trip? Hop on a e-bike

If you lack legs of steel and always bring up the rear, electric bicycles can add power and fun to your ride.

JetBlue's founder on the United fiasco: You won't have to drag people off planes if you offer them enough money

Give gate agents the power to keep increasing the incentive to get people to voluntarily give up their seats, David Neeleman tells CNBC.

United CEO says airline had to 're-accommodate' passenger, and the reaction was wild

Twitter is roasting United CEO Oscar Munoz's statement on Monday, where he said the airline had to "re-accommodate" a passenger.

Video surfaces of man being dragged from overbooked United flight

A video posted on Facebook shows a man on a United Airlines flight being dragged from the plane before its takeoff in Chicago.

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