14 Snapchats every Gen Y traveller is guilty of taking

SNAPCHAT has fast become a social media favourite, especially among travellers. What better way to give the folks back home a taste of what you’re up to on your adventures? Alas, as insightful as this may at first seem, particular images have now become commonplace among the average traveller’s story according to cheapflights.com.au. If there was ever a precursory shot list to document your travels via Snapchat, this is it.

1. Holiday essentials

Before departing on your adventures, many travellers find it necessary to Snapchat their holiday essentials: passport, plane ticket, novel, sunglasses, sunscreen, optional healthy drink accompaniment. Like an unnecessary visual checklist, it is one that is impeccably arranged for Snapchatting purposes only. Just be careful not to leave all them behind once you’re done snapping.

2. Airplane view

This Snapchat that requires true dedication and careful planning. Photographing the view out the plane window as you fly is crucial in order to alert all your followers that you’re holidaying somewhere exotic abroad and not just hitting up your local campsite this summertime. However, the fact that there isn’t exactly a whole lot of Wi-Fi available as your soar across the ocean means a good memory is key to unleashing this one as you hit internet territory.

3. Hot dog legs

The ‘Hot Dog or Legs?’ conundrum most definitely shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Yes, this phenomenon occurs whenever someone is on holiday and the sun is out, thus prompting Snapchatters to indulge in the ceremonial unveiling of their legs to the outside world.

4. The epic ice cream

Perhaps the ultimate holiday treat; the humble ice cream cone has now become a Snapchat foodie favourite. Often captured raised high against a bright blue, cloud-dappled sky; such a positioning instantly evokes visions of a powerful athlete thrusting the Olympic torch into the air. The reality is more likely to be that you are parked on a beach towel and soon as you’ve got your shot, you’ll devour that tasty treat in seconds.

5. The natural look

Much like the ubiquitous bikini Snapchat selfie in the mirror shot, a common choice among Snapchat advocates is to share a shot of themselves on their travels “sans make-up”. Do your followers really care you have embraced the natural look abroad? Probably not. Do you look narcissistic? Just a tad.

6. Landmark love

The token shot beside a city landmark is an absolute Snapchat must for any traveller. Perhaps now considered to be the modern-day version of a postcard, this Snapchat is regularly depicted with travellers indulging in some sort of comical interaction with said landmark, captured with the aid of the notorious selfie stick.

7. Dreamy palm trees

The image of palm tree silhouettes swaying against a pink and red brushed sky is the quintessential Snapchat embodiment of “I’ve-totally-just-been-having-the-time-of-my-life-listening-to-totally-awesome-yet-utterly-obscure-bands-at-Coachella-and-now-it’s-the-end-of-the-weekend-so-reminiscing-as-it’s-time-to-go home.” How poetic.

8. Get your drink on

Nothing screams ‘I’m on holiday!’ more than a stack of novelty cocktails. This is prime jealousy-inducing Snapchat etiquette, knowing too well your followers will be holed up at work someplace far less glamorous than you are.

10. Lights. Phone. Action.

Being on holiday means trying new things. Skydiving. Snowboarding. Zorbing. With this Snapchat of you completing the task at hand, a friend normally plays photographer. Selfie Snapchats are best avoided on this occasion. Last thing you want is to lose grip of your phone mid-bungee, before you’ve even clicked the share arrow.

11. The local animal

Like Batman and Robin, or peanut butter and jelly, animals and social media are a winning combination. Fact: everyone loves an animal social media post. So even when you’re on your travels, this is a key snapchat to share to find favour among your followers. It could be a koala up a tree, a friendly local stray dog, or even a hungry elephant.

12. Fancy footwork

If you want to add a little extra something, something to your otherwise relatively boring shot of holiday scenes such as sand or a tiled poolside, then just add feet! Feet are the perfect accessory to any holiday ground snapshot. Footwear optional.

13. Going swimmingly

Be it straddling a giant inflatable swan in the hotel pool or staring wistfully out at the ocean horizon, Snapchatters have grown a thirst for capturing some sort of watery interaction while on their travels. This is always going to be a risky shot. Yep, be wary of gaining a soggy phone, otherwise your Snapchatting days will be over.

14. Snapchat filter

Last but not least, ever since Snapchat released its greatest ever update, no holiday story would be complete without at least one dabble in its eclectic range of face filters. While the Face-Swap feature can make for an entertaining five minutes as you kill time at the airport, every once in a while it can also go terrifyingly awry.

This article originally appeared on cheapflights.com.au, and was reproduced with permission.

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photo 14 Snapchats every Gen Y traveller is guilty of taking images

photo of 14 Snapchats every Gen Y traveller is guilty of taking

Relax 14 Snapchats every Gen Y traveller is guilty of taking stories

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