This Texan man is trying to prove evolution didn’t happen

IT SOUNDS like something straight out of a Jurassic Park movie — and we all know how that ended — but one man in Texas is hoping to grow his own dinosaurs.

Carl Baugh is a Baptist minister. He holds a PhD in philosophy, and he runs the Creation Evidence Museum at Glen Rose, about an hour from Dallas.

He’s devoted his life to toppling Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, by proving that people and dinosaurs lived together.

Jurassic Park proves humans and dinosaurs are a dangerous mix.

Modern science suggests the gigantic lizards predated mankind by upwards of 60 million years, and that they were wiped out by an asteroid.

However, Mr Baugh believes they became extinct during the Biblical flood, because Noah couldn’t fit them onto his ark with the other animals.

With that in mind, he’s trying to reproduce Earth’s pre-flood environment by building an enormous hyperbaric biosphere to grow his own dinosaurs.

It’s commonly thought dinosaurs couldn’t survive in our current environment, but he believes by increasing the supply of oxygen and atmospheric pressure, it might be possible.

It’s currently housed in a huge greenhouse, and witnesses say it’s the size of two buses parked end-to-end. And though he’s already got a working prototype, it’s yet to yield any results.

Mr Baugh also thinks humans have shrunk over time, due to 86 large fossilised footprints he claims to have excavated from his backyard.

He also cites legendary American basketballer Shaquille O’Neal, who is 216 centimetres tall with a playing weight of 147 kilograms, as proof Biblical giants still walk among us.

Not sure what Shaq would have to say about that, but sure.

Maybe the chamber can help us return to our prehistoric size.

Wouldn’t that be an interesting health trend?

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