Andrew Lincoln talks ‘The Walking Dead’s’ bloody season seven premiere

Pulling secrets from Andrew Lincoln about the new season of “The Walking Dead” is tougher than trying to pry a dull knife wedged in a zombie’s skull.

That’s because no one on AMC’s apocalyptic hit wants to let slip which castmember was killed in last season’s contested cliff-hanger finale. The showrunners won’t even release new art.

“We (usually) talk the show up but this time I want everyone to leave it alone and let it play out,” says Lincoln, whose character Rick is a safe bet to survive the bloody Oct. 23 (9 p.m.) premiere, because he’s been seen filming season 7 episodes with Danai Gurira’s Michonne. And New York Comic Con also just released a clip of Rick threatening Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) for bashing the beloved mystery character’s brains out with a barbed-wire covered bat.

The British actor says U.S. Customs agents have threatened to keep him out of the country unless he tells them who is killed. But when you leave viewers hanging for half a year, you’ve got to expect fans to swarm you like ravenous monsters for something to nibble on. So Lincoln dished out some dire hints about the new season, including:

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The crew cried. “There are certain scenes in this episode where great men, heavily tattooed, that move large bits of metal, had to walk away from the set because it was upsetting,” he says.

Lincoln almost didn’t want to film the anticipated death scene. “The script came a bit late, and if it had come a little bit earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have got on the plane,” he says.

Don’t watch it alone. “Make sure you’re with your loved ones, or at least have spoken to your loved ones before you watch it, and tell them you love them very much,” he says. “Forget about Facebook, listen to another human being’s voice, and then sit down, close the curtains, put the sound system on — and good luck.”

But has the show lost its momentum by delaying the payoff of whom Negan killed for more than six months? “We’ll have to wait and see,” says Lincoln. “If people don’t (tune in to) watch who died, we’ll know then if we made a huge mistake. But I hope not, because so far the stuff I’ve seen this season ... is amazing.”

We can expect the world of “The Walking Dead” to keep getting bigger. Last season introduced Negan’s brutal group, the Saviors, and the more peaceful Hilltop Community, for example. Now the season 7 trailer teases a former zookeeper named King Ezekiel, who leads a community called The Kingdom with his pet tiger.

“Our group, we’re in a headlock where we are now (with Negan), and unfortunately it’s very, very bad thing,” Lincoln says. “But the thing I urge people to hold onto, which is absolutely in the DNA of the show ... is hope. There is great beauty this season, unexpected beauty within a heck of a lot of brutality and horror, but there’s also always hope.”

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