Anthony Hopkins Is Not Happy You Saw His 'Breaking Bad' Letter

Dear internet,

Anthony Hopkins is not happy. And it's all your fault.

But to find out where everything broke bad, we have to go back a few years ...

In 2013, over two blissful weeks, Anthony Hopkins supposedly binge-watched all of "Breaking Bad" with his wife. Overcome with emotion, as we all were, the actor wrote Bryan Cranston a letter calling his portrayal of Walter White the "best acting" he's ever seen. Hopkins' letter included a variety of other flattering phrases, too. Among the highlights:

("You're goddamn right," said Bryan Cranston Heisenberg somewhere ... probably.)

If you haven't read it yet, you can check out the full letter here. But, actually, it's highly likely you already have. It didn't take long to go viral.

After hearing about the letter, another "Breaking Bad" actor reportedly posted it online. The internet then ate it up like fava beans with a nice chianti, and Mr. Hopkins' reaction is summed up here:

"Yeah, of course I wrote him, but I didn’t expect it to go viral," Hopkins told The Huffington Post, lamenting the attention the letter received.

"Some other actor, I don't know who he was, but Bryan must've told somebody about the letter and showed it. And somebody, some stupid guy, put it on the internet," he said. "And now I didn't ask for it. I just wrote this personal letter to Bryan ... I didn't want it to be known publicly, but that’s what happens today. You can't open your mouth before it goes on the internet or whatever you have, on Twitter or Facebook."

"I keep my mouth shut from now on. I don't write letters to people," Hopkins added.

Anthony Hopkins right now:

The situation is a little sad.

The letter is a work of art for "Breaking Bad" fans, but it's unfortunate that it got out without Hopkins' permission. It's also unfortunate that this caused Hopkins to stop writing letters. If he truly doesn't want the attention, though, perhaps that's for best.

It's doubtful that a simple text message of, "Yo, Bry-Bry, 'Breaking Bad' was sick," would've caused as much commotion.

(Though, if Anthony Hopkins texted "Yo Bry-Bry," that'd probably be a story, too. Right, Leo?)

On the bright side, Hopkins doesn't need to regret his recent actions on screen. The actor's new film adaptation of "The Dresser," which you can see on Starz, has received tons of praise from fans and critics alike. 

Hopkins told us "The Dresser" is "the best thing" he's been involved with in many years. Perhaps Cranston will even send him a letter about it. Just don't be offended when you don't get a response, Mr. White.

You're the one who knocks. Mr. Hopkins is the one who says, "Go away!"

Anyway, internet. If another Anthony Hopkins letter gets out, just keep it to yourself.


Bill, HuffPost Entertainment Editor

P.S. Did you read that letter, though?

I know there is so much smoke blowing and sickening bullshit in journalism, and I’ve sort of lost belief in anything really (except for Taco Bell). 

But this letter is spectacular – absolutely stunning.

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