Australian Survivor: Tegan Haining ousted

IN the end Tegan Haining couldn’t turn against the villain of Australian Survivor, Nick Iadanza. So much so it cost her a spot on the show.Haining said she should have turned on Iadanza earlier after she switched tribes to Aganoa, which would have saved her.

Her case wasn’t helped by the fact Victorian firefighter Kylie Evans played her much needed immunity idol that sent her packing.

“It was my inability to tun on Nick that didn’t help me,” she said.

“I tried to stay loyal with the one alliance I had, but I should have just voted for him straight away.”

Haining left after it was a tie between her and Iadanza, after Evans played her immunity Idol.

She believes a move by South Australian magician Matt Tarrant sealed her fate.

“I realised that Matty wasn’t going to vote for Nick with something he said in the middle of tribal council about strength.

“We just failed in that challenge that day, because we weren’t as strong as the other tribes.

“I knew they wanted to keep Nick around, because they might keep winning challenges if they had another male still on the team.

“I think that’s why Matty decided to keep Nick around instead.”

Haining, who until Australian Survivor was working as a personal trainer to the stars and a model in London, said she was disappointed with how it ended but she is philosophical.

“I was super disappointed,” she said.

“You are sort of fine at the time, it’s very surreal as you walking out with no torch.

“It’s pretty sad when you wake up the next day and you realise you are not on the beach.”

Would she do things differently?

“I think I would speak up a lot more,” she said.

“I would definitely wouldn’t just go with the flow as much as I did.

“I would carve my own path and my relationships with people and not just sit in the shadows.”

Haining, 33, now plans to stay in Sydney.

She lived in London after the tragic death of her boyfriend, Sydney nightclub and pub king James Miller in 2013.

Haining said the strength she used to move on after Miller’s death helped her in Australian Survivor.

“It’s a tragedy what happened,” she said.

“I think I just got a lot stronger form it.

“It’s something that you learn a lot from, when tragedy happens.

“It certainly makes your mindset a lot stronger, and that helped me being on Survivor.

“My mental capacity is a lot better because of it.”

Haining will stay in Sydney, where she will soon launch a seven day online fitness program.

“It will be similar to what I do with my celebrity clients, it’s actually called Seven Day Quickie,” she said.

“I think there are a lot people who want to get in shape fast, and know what the inside tricks are.”

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