Biggest Block drama yet erupts

WOULD you end a friendship over half a metre of brick wall? You might if there was hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.

The Block hopefuls Kim and Chris had been best mates with their neighbours Julia and Sasha since camera started rolling on the new season of the Channel Nine reality renovation show.

But in a fiery show down seen during Monday night’s episode, their relationship crumbled in spectacular fashion.

The brouhaha has been dubbed “wall gate” and all comes down to the girls’ decision to focus on the competition rather than their friendship.

“A long story cut short, Chris was over at their apartment one day and noticed one of the (outside) walls was taller than it needed to be,” Kim explained. “He suggested they talk to foreman Keith about reducing it and he said yes.”

As a result, the women wound up with spectacular views of the Melbourne skyline from their terrace.

Kim and Chris figured they could do the same, but given their view-blocking wall was shared with their neighbours, they had to ask Julia and Sasha permission.

“We’re of the belief that what’s done for one should be mirrored for all but we were told we needed the girls’ permission,” Kim said.

“They came back after 24 hours and said no, because it’s a competition. We were so, so shocked.”

Chris was particularly devastated given he and Sasha had bonded over their mutual love of power tools.

“Disappointed is probably the world I’d use,” he said.

“I could see a lifelong friendship with the girls and we were close, especially with Sasha. We considered it pretty ruthless.

“I’d been helping them. I helped put their bed together and get one of their rooms ready for reveal, which shows we weren’t there to win at any cost like some others. We were there to have a good time and hope that everyone got a good result.”

So brutal was the fallout from the wall drama that the two couples didn’t speak for the rest of filming, a production source said.

Despite being upset about Julia and Sasha’s “win at all costs” approach, Kim insisted it didn’t ruin their Block experience.

“They didn’t impact our time. Once they made the decision that is was just a competition for them, we basically steered clear of them and went about our business and built our amazing apartment.”

The Block airs Sundays at 7pm and Mondays to Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Nine.

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