‘Grimm’ Recap: Knot Looking Good

Warning: This recap of the “Trust Me Knot” episode of Grimm contains spoilers.

The Grimm gang is down but not out after yet another attempt to best Renard and clear Nick’s name fails, but on the plus side more details emerge about the mystery stick.

Stick It to ‘Em

Wu and Hank show up just as the cops are about to move in on Bud’s Repair Shop to arrest Renard for the murder of Rachel Wood, but that doesn’t buy Nick and the gang inside the shop much time, as another cop takes it upon herself to send the team in anyway.

When someone suggests taking on the SWAT team, Monroe blurts out that Rosalee is pregnant despite their agreeing last week not to share the info. Nick decides the only option to keep his friend from getting hurt is to turn himself in. But the magic stick has other plans apparently. An officer searches him and pulls out the wonder wood, and as he inquires what it is, it emits a blast of magic that knocks only and all the cops out cold. Eve surmises, “Maybe they shouldn’t have tried to take that from you.”

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It does buy them enough time to devise a plan. They fire a few rounds, and Burkhardt, now wearing a SWAT suit, runs out and screams that Burkhardt got away and sends all the cops to a different location. He then grabs a SWAT van, picks up his friends, and they decide to split up again. Monroe tells Nick about the alternative entrance to the tunnels they found so he can lie low there until they figure out the next move.

Once they return to life as mole people, Eve tries to make conversation saying she feels sorry for Rosalee getting pregnant at such a bad time. Nick deadpans, “When has there been a good time?” (And suddenly it seems like he is no longer talking about Monrosalee. He sees that his verbal punch landed and switches to asking how she is feeling. “Different… and the same, like there are two of me.”

She also decides to admit her concern about his new weapon and asks to take the cloth for further examination. “We need to know what it is and where it came from. We need to find out where its power comes from before it kills one of us. You shouldn’t carry that stick around all the time.”

Nick, who also cannot see any of the symbols on the cloth, relents but gets defensive. “It’s the only reason I’m alive. I don’t think it matters [where its power comes from].”

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She fires back. “It does matter. Look what happened when those guys tried to take it away from you? It acted defensively like it was connected to you. That is different than what it did to Monroe and me.”

Eve convinces him that while he is not at risk underground, he should put it away for a while. He does, but once they leave, he starts going Gollum about his precious piece of wood, literally getting tunnel vision after he retrieves it from the box. He eventually slams it back in the box and announces to Bud that they need to get out of there.

Meanwhile Renard is exchanging threats with Wu and Hank throughout the car ride, the perp walk in his own station, and in the interrogation room. “If you think going after me is somehow going to help Burkhardt, you two might want to reconsider a career in law enforcement,” the captain/mayor-elect growls. Renard denies killing her, but Hank and Wu make irrefutable points about how he knew she was dead, that they know the relationship is more than professional, and his fingerprints were all over her apartment. They even have a motive.

“You were running for mayor. You wanted to present a happy family, and the woman you were having an affair with threatens to blackmail you and endanger your ambitions,” Hank says before establishing that Renard also lacks an alibi.

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Lawyer Up

Renard calls Adalind to tell her he was arrested for murdering Rachel — which she already knows her daughter, not her baby daddy, was responsible for — and that she needs to get down to the station right away “to get me out.” While he is sitting in his cell, a Wesen janitor agrees to smuggle him a phone. Which he does — from 2004, by the looks of the flip contraband — and Renard immediately calls the same judge buddy who expedited the search warrants last week and told him to “uncomplicate it.” As he hangs up, he has another disturbing vision. This time he hallucinates a bullet casing and the gun he shot Meisner with.

After dropping her kids off with Monrosalee at the Spice Shop, Adalind visits Renard, and he asks her to be his alibi for the night of Rachel’s death. She is dumbfounded. “You expect me to be your alibi for the murder you didn’t commit because you were actually murdering the person who was your alibi? I have two children to take care of. I am not going to perjure myself. If I have to choose between me going to jail and you going to jail, good luck with the grand jury.”

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She is more receptive when Nick asks her to do the same thing after he powwows with Hank, Wu, and Bud about the murder charge and realizes that the charges would only get Renard off Nick’s back momentarily. She agrees to facilitate a trust me knot, which is a Hexenbiest version of a blood oath. Whoever signs it has to do what they promise or they will be strangled to death. In this case, Adalind agreed to testify as his alibi, and Renard will then drop the charges against Nick and reinstate him to the department.

Powers That See

Monroe is weirded out by Diana’s abilities while he babysits. She is using telekinesis to float spice jars around the room and then can make them disappear with a single touch.

When Trubel and Eve show up to experiment on the cloth, Diana recognizes them even though they have never met. She looks at Eve and says, “You’re different now.” When she joins them (plus her mom and Nick, who have returned from the Renard meet) downstairs, Diana goes all purple eyes and can see even more symbols than Eve. She draws them on paper, but no one has ever seen anything like it before, and further computer research doesn’t turn up anything either.

Trubel gets a call from HW, and they want both the Grimms to meet in four hours, but Nick refuses to leave the city. “You better be alive when I get back,” she declares.

Jury of Your Peers

Then it’s Hank and Wu’s turn to get a call. The grand jury is convening in two hours, though it usually takes three days. They’re told it’s because he is a mayor-elect and a police captain. But when they show up in court, the judge is none other than Renard’s Wesen friend, and the audience immediately knows this isn’t good. He declares that the “evidence doesn’t support it going to trial” and excuses Renard, who immediately turns around and gets snarky.

“You remember that deal we had? You never testified, so the deal is off,” he spits at Adalind before turning to Hank and Wu. “I will expect your resignations on my desk in the morning.”

He then meets with the judge and the district attorney, who also turns out to be Wesen, and promises, “As soon as I take office, I am going to clean house.” Which he says will include the Grimm and all his friends.” As he leaves the courthouse, he makes a call to a mystery woman and demands, “I want Burkhardt found.”

The trio return to the shop to deliver the bad news of their setup. Wu snarls, “The son of a bitch walks, and Nick is still a fugitive. And we resign tomorrow.”

Nick then delivers the bad news to Adalind that she and the kids have to continue to shack up with him for the time being.

Hank then sums it all up: “Bastard got everything he wanted.”

Grimm airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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