Here’s how you get on The Block with no reno experience

PRIMARY school teachers Andy Sunderland and Ben Toyne, 25-year-olds with virtually zero renovation experience, are certainly two of the more hilarious contestants on this season of The Block.

But given the pair admit to only a few days worth of DIY experience between them, how exactly did they manage to land on a show, tasked with pulling off a reno that sends even old hands to the verge of a nervous breakdown?

As the boys themselves tell in the video interview above, persistence pays off. They applied to be on the show for four consecutive seasons, getting knocked back each time.

“The lure of meeting Scotty Cam and Shelley Craft was too great to pass up! We just kept applying until they put us on,” says Ben.

“You’d think, wanting to be on The Block, you’d have a bit of renovating or DIY under your belt, we really didn’t,” Andy continued.

“Maybe we should’ve brushed up each year, coming back each year having learned a bit more, but no. We thought maybe that was our little catch, ‘The boys who know nothing’,” laughs Ben.

While the cracks are showing — they memorably decorated their ensuite bathroom with Radox and Bic razors, giving their high-end room an instant ‘Two Dollar Shop’ feel — the boys have so far risen to the challenge.

Sometimes, though, their successes are almost entirely accidental. Take their early decision to split one of their larger rooms in two, creating an additional bedroom in the apartment. They knew it was a good decision — they just didn’t quite grasp how smart a move it was until foreman Keith informed them.

“Us thinking it was just a practical move … then Keith said we were now contenders to win,” the pair said.

They’d want to be — they’ve both resigned from their jobs to take part in The Block. Ever optimistic, the boys insist they‘ve loved their Block experience, whether they walk away with a million dollars or nothing at all.

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