’I’m seriously ready to go home’

SHAYNNA Blaze has refused to comment on the “bogan from nowhere” slur aimed at her by contestant Carleen Foley on The Block tonight.

The Block turned into a bloodbath with Dan and Carleen scoring a dismal 17 out of 30 for their guest bedroom and walk-in wardrobe.

It is the second week in a row that the show’s oldest and most experienced contestants have come last and they’re not happy.

Carleen launched a stinging attack on judges Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker after the results were announced.


Whitaker described Dan and Carleen’s room as a mishmash, a total mess, and that had Carleen spitting chips.

“To call this a mishmash and the stuff they’ve said is terribly insulting,” Carleen said. “I will find it very hard to meet them (judges).”

But it was a comment aimed at Blaze, reportedly recorded while Carleen was in the car after the judging, that will have viewers talking.

“Shaynna Blaze, you absolute bogan from nowhere … who’s done good,” Carleen said.

Channel 9 says Blaze will not be commenting on Carleen’s outburst which mirrored the “bogan from Wantirna” taunt by former contestant Deanne Jolly in 2014.

“Shaynna is not commenting,” a Nine spokeswoman says.

Karlie and Will won the room reveal with 27 points, just pipping Kim and Chris on 26-and-a-half. Andy and Ben scored 23-and-a-half and Julia and Sasha 21-and-a-half.

Karlie and Will were first to be judged and their mix of art deco and industrial styling, which the couple has nicknamed “indeco”, including an exposed brick wall, won lots of praise.

Palmer thought there was some “Gatsby” about the room with its black and gold accents. Blaze’s favourite thing was the painted feature wall.

“It feels very confident, very mature, and very elegant,” Blaze said.

Dan admitted to host Scott Cam that he was nervous before hearing the judges’ comments and he had every right to be.

Whitaker hated the wallpaper and described the styling of the wardrobe as “beyond bad”.

“I’m looking at this room and thinking ‘this couple knows nothing’,” Whitaker said.

Blaze didn’t think there were enough art deco elements. She described the styling as “nanna 50s”.

Palmer thought the bedroom’s styling was completely out of synch with last week’s bathroom.

“I’ve never had so much criticism in all my life,” Carleen said. “Basically at the end of the day they don’t like my taste at all. What am I supposed to do? I’m seriously ready to go home.”

“It is a kick in the guts,” Dan added. “We’re totally confused. We thought we were a chance to win it this week and we’ve been slammed.”

Andy and Ben’s room impressed the judges. Palmer liked the skirting even though the finish was a bit patchy, Whitaker the diamond cutouts in one of the walls, and Blaze liked the drapes and the artwork above the bed.

Whitaker criticised the boys for having a mottled glass door more suitable for an office than a high-end apartment.

Julia and Sasha were last week’s winners but couldn’t repeat the magic. Julia, especially, felt the pressure of so many styling decisions.

Blaze and Whitaker couldn’t hide their disappointment.

“I think I was expecting more,” Whitaker said. “It is pretty but soulless”.

Julia admitted she agreed with the verdict.

Palmer was more positive, praising the textures of the bedhead and cushions and the detailing, describing it as “high end sophistication”.

Kim and Chris were expecting harsh criticism after last week’s bathroom debacle but it didn’t eventuate.

“This is way better than last week,” Palmer, who loved the metallic-looking bedside tables and brass lighting, said.

Whitaker thought it was a modern take on classic deco design. It was Blaze’s favourite colour palette of the day — including gold and grey — but the cornices were a let-down. Blaze also thought the exposed brick felt ‘dirty’.

“Oh, she’s a tough judge, Shaynna,” Kim said.

Karlie and Will collected $10,000 for their win. Contestants now move on to creating a main bathroom.

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