Keira’s Bachelor departure ‘a relief’

AFTER each episode, we ask The Bachelor’s host with the most to answer five of our burning questions about the show.

Read on for Osher Gunsberg’s take on the spectacular departure of Hurricane Keira, why Olena’s plan to win Richie is a brilliant one, how playing dirty is fair in love and war and what we can expect when The Bachelor returns next week.

Q. Is Olena playing a smart game by making Richie work hard and keeping him on his toes?

“I think it’s fantastic that he has to do a bit of leg work here. That’s what the show’s about: It’s about taking everybody out of their comfort zones and getting everyone to work and show a side they don’t otherwise show. Richie having to pull out all of the stops to impress Olena is great — because I’m sure Olena isn’t spoiled for choice, let’s be honest.”

Q. Rachael and Noni used some dirty tactics to get extra time with Richie. Is all really fair in love and war?

“Absolutely! Who hasn’t pulled a bit of a swiftie to get a bit more time with someone they’re into. Come on! It’s always a fun day going along to a group date.”

Q. Keira was the first to go home prior to a rose ceremony. Was that a surprise to you or did you see it coming?

“We’d all seen a side of Keira that Richie hadn’t. Richie’s not there when she’s talking to the other ladies. He’s not hearing what she’s saying to the other ladies. So maybe it took that single date for him to see what he saw and whatever he saw he felt it best that. (He sent her home). I’ve got to say, even though I miss out on doing rose maths which is my big moment, if the guy knows I think it’s a really respectful thing to do. To say, ‘I’m going to call it now rather than making you wait til’ the rose ceremony. I’m going to be respectful enough to say, ‘This is the moment.’ Big points to Richie for doing that.”

Q. When you announced nobody was going home at the rose ceremony, even though it took your screen time, was it a celebratory moment?

“I don’t think it was really a sense of celebration, it was more a sense of relief. And it’s interesting how the rose ceremonies work. People are very sad instantly, especially when one of the people they’ve come to know is gone, but then half an hour later it’s like, ‘Okay, well this is how things are now.’ They move into acceptance pretty quickly. With that particular moment it was perhaps a sense of relief. Either among those who didn’t get on with Keira and also among those who thought, ‘Okay, I’m not going home now.’”

Q. Okay, hit us up with a spoiler for next week Osher!

“The compatibility group date is very funny. These group dates do have method to the strangeness of them. It does put people into situations very different from what they’re used to being in and allows parts of their personalities you otherwise wouldn’t see to show themselves and that’s what this compatibility test is about. It’s intersecting the different methods that we use.”

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photo of Keira’s Bachelor departure ‘a relief’

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