Let the campaign begin

Let the campaign begin, BRACE yourself, Australia: we may not have seen the last of our favourite Bachelor ‘villain’ Keira.

BRACE yourself, Australia: we may not have seen the last of our favourite Bachelor ‘villain’ Keira.

The controversial 29-year-old blonde has revealed she would definitely be the next Bachelorette, following this season featuring Georgia Love.

“I feel like it’s more my thing, at least I have control,” she told Mamamia.

“The poor guys that are on it — could you imagine? I would definitely do it because I’d just f**** s*** up!”

Keira even made a point of promising to be on her best behaviour (are you listening, Bachelorette producers?)

“I would probably be a lot more nicer because I wouldn’t want to put anyone through what I went through,” she said.

Keira made no secret of how difficult she found getting along with some of the other girls on this season of the reality show.

She famously let loose in an explosive diatribe moments after leaving, claiming they were all “nasty”.

“I do not give a f**k about those b*tches. I’m so glad to get out of there. They’re all nasty pieces of work — I can’t even deal,” she ranted in the famous car confessional.

“I hope Richie gets to know these girls properly before he makes his decision. If I was a guy I wouldn’t date half of those girls.”

After she’d had some time to cool down, Keira, well, hadn’t. During a post-eviction interview with Hit 104.1 2DayFM’s Rove and Sam breakfast show Keira said that the real villains were the ones who managed to hide it from producers.

“There’s a few who aren’t who they are on-camera,” she revealed cryptically.

Keira then named the worst of the bunch.

“A few girls definitely aren’t what they seem. Rachael and Kiki — they weren’t very nice to me. I found it really hard to live with them.”

One thing’s for sure — she’ll get the last laugh if she manages to land the coveted Bachelorette gig over her fellow rejected castmates.


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