Osher: ‘Richie doesn’t have a type’

AFTER each episode, we ask The Bachelor’s host with the most to answer five of our burning questions about the show.

Read on for Osher Gunsberg’s take on the most terrifying hometown date, who the host himself would choose, whether Rachael’s dark locks were her undoing and what to expect when Richie hands out his final rose next week.

Who was the scariest of the relatives Richie had to face — Alex’s brother Adam, Olena’s dad Andriy or Rachael’s sister Jen?

“​Without a doubt the scariest father-in-law in Australia is Andriy. Good gracious me. The man is a human weapon. He’s a warrior poet — lethal with his fists and yet wise in his words. I’m sure I wasn’t alone secretly wishing he was my dad, or at least uncle.”

Did you ask Richie what was the hardest question he was posed over the four hometowns? And if not, which would you have found hardest to answer?

“The only thing Richie and I spoke about after his hometown adventures was his double-punch when working out with Andriy. The poor guy, I really felt for him. He was so embarrassed, because Andriy was quite obviously incredibly intimidating — and Richie said he just panicked when Andriy commanded “two!”. ​ ​We’ve all been there though, we’ve all said and done the worst thing possible in front of the in-laws. Richie was definitely NOT alone in that situation, and I’m sure many men in Australia empathised because we’ve all done it!”

Nikki’s hometown visit went the best of all the girls. And then she really opened up with all of her feelings, telling him that she is totally in love with him. Has this given her an advantage as we head into finale week?

​”I don’t think anyone has an advantage. It’s an incredibly difficult time for everyone, but most of all Richie. In the words of Andriy ‘The Iceman’ Khamula, ‘He still has choice.’ And it’s a choice I don’t envy. I for one choose Andriy. Mainly because I live in the same state as him and want to make sure he knows I think he’s awesome.”

Were you surprised to see that Rachael was the one eliminated? Or were the brunette locks always a dead giveaway?

“​Even though Hamish poked fun at Richie, I for one don’t believe he has a type. Something about being in the home environment with everyone sheds light on to parts of a situation you might not otherwise have seen. To be honest the hometowns are the most normal of all the dates that Richie gets to go on. They’re a chance for him to see life with these women outside the ​adventure that is being The Bachelor.”

Last but not least, spoil us up for finale week Osher!

​This is easily the most emotional finale I’ve ever been a part of. The entire crew was in tears. Richie is in for quite a week! ​

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