Osher’s advice on dating a single parent

AFTER each episode, we ask The Bachelor’s host with the most to answer five of our burning questions about the show.

Read on for Osher Gunsberg’s rating of Hamish Blake’s date, the significance of no roses being handed out early and the advice he’ll give Richie Strahan should single mum Alex Nation make it to the final rose ceremony.

1. Did Hamish steal your thunder when he did your date intro spiel? And seriously, what kind of fresh hell date was this?

I watched Hamish do his intro like a proud father. He’s a massive fan of the show and was note-perfect in how he set up the date. I personally think the date was really wonderful, and took both Richie and Faith by complete surprise. It was good to see Richie driven so far out of his comfort zone.

2. Did you get a whiff of the Richael eau de toilette? What did it smell like and how do you think it would go on the market place?

​I didn’t manage to smell the perfume they’d concocted, so I can’t tell you what it was. I can tell you what I smell like though — a mixture of bicycle grease, quinoa and Old Spice. I’m yet to be able to bottle the scent but I’m expecting big things. ​

3. There were no roses given out on single dates this week. Is that significant?

​It’s definitely significant that Richie gave out no roses. I can only imagine that as we get closer to the final rose, he’s ​wanting to make sure of his feelings and only had out roses to ladies that he’s feeling a distinct connection with — perhaps he wants to think on the decision a bit?

4. Alex laid all of her cards on the table this week, sharing photos of her son with Richie. As someone who entered into a serious relationship with a single mum, what is your advice for Richie?

I can tell you what I told Sam Wood after last year’s final rose (when he chose single mum Snezana Markoski). I told him that it was a challenge, but also incredibly rewarding. There are a few tricky times as the child figures out that it’s okay to like both you and their father — but you just have to ride it out. I wouldn’t swap this experience for anything, it’s a wonderful addition to my life and I can’t imagine my days without both Audrey and GiGi.

5. Okay, spoil us up for next week Osher!

​Next week, Richie is sharing his love of roughing it with the ladies. However Olena is averse to bugs, so by the looks of things has a bit of a tough time. ​

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