Past Celebrity Apprentice contestants unite to trash trump

TALK show host and vocal Hillary Clinton supporter Chelsea Handler brought together a slew of former Celebrity Apprentice contestants to spill the beans on Donald Trump for her Netflix series, Chelsea.

Reality star Khloe Kardashian, Real Housewife Nene Leakes, singer Clay Aiken and comedian Lisa Lampanelli all competed in Celebrity Apprentice, which has run for several seasons since 2008 — and none are throwing their support behind the Republican Presidential candidate.

Khloe revealed that she’d hated her stint on the program, which she was forced to do by her ‘Momager’ Kris Jenner.

“My mom wanted me to do it and I hated every minute of it.” she said. “Stressing myself out and then dealing with him and about to be fired, I was like, ‘F**k you, I don’t need this.’”

Handler asked Leakes if she’d been approached by Trump’s people to help him connect with black voters — as he had done with infamous Apprentice contestant Omarosa.

“They sent me an email and asked me to speak at one of his rallies,” jokes Leakes. “I didn’t.”

While Leakes said she didn’t want Trump to become President, she did have praise for him on a personal level.

“When I went on the show I thought he was very nice and true to what he was,” she said.

“I thought his kids were so nice and so humble.”

“They all went to Ivy League schools,” said Lampenelli of the Trump children.

“Someone raised those kids right, and whoever the mother is did a great job.”

Former American Idol contestant Aiken said he feared Trump wasn’t running for President for the right reason.

“He clearly didn’t run because he has any policy positions that make any damn sense, or that he wants to do anything — he ran because he thought, I can tap into this anti-establishment fervour that’s in the country and I can get people to like me because I’m not a politician,” he said.

“This campaign for him isn’t really about being president; it’s really about recognition and being able to say he won.”

Lampenelli noted that, although she got on with Trump during her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, his attitudes towards women were clear.

“Trump is effing crazy, because in that boardroom he will say some crazy stuff to the women. We all know he loves beautiful women. He would say to every girl in the boardroom, ‘Oh Teresa you look so beautiful today.’ ‘Oh Aubrey you look more beautiful with every passing week,’ except for me. Then he says to me one day: ‘Lisa. Doesn’t Teresa look beautiful today?’” she laughed.

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