Rachael smacks down fight with Alex on The Bachelor

THE Bachelor’s Rachael has smacked down accusations made by fellow contestant Alex, saying a fight that left the single mum in tears “never actually happened”.

Alex broke down in a massive ugly-cry when she informed fellow contestants Rachael told her she wouldn’t win because she has a kid.

“Rach did come to me and say, ‘You know, you’re a single mum, what’s the point in you being here when Nikki is already the chosen winner?’” she sobbed. “And I was devastated. She was very open in saying that she thought Richie had chosen ... that you were his person. And she pretty much told me to go home.”

And after being given the boot from the competition last night, Rachael has come out with her side of the story, saying Alex was throwing some fibs around.

“No, it never actually happened,” she told news.com.au of the alleged conversation, which funnily enough was not caught by the many television cameras.

“It was a general discussion one night among all the girls where it became quite apparent that Richie had strong feelings toward Nikki. It was a general conversation with everybody.

“It wasn’t just my voice. A lot of the girls said, ‘I think he’s already chosen Nikki’, there was never talk of her child. It was something she kind of made up in her head. It never made sense to me and I would never say something like that.”

The 31-year-old support worker from Western Australia said she confronted Alex about the accusations and it “unfortunately” didn’t make it to air.

“The next day, after her single date, I had a conversation with her over a cup of tea and asked her why she said that and she started back peddling and tried to tell me it was other girls that told her the story — it was very grey,” she said.

As for whether Richie is ready to step up and be Alex’s baby daddy, Rachael said she got the feeling Richie wasn’t at that point in his life.

“It was a discussion that he and I had about his plans for his life and the steps he wanted to take,” she said. “The order (was) travelling with his partner, then living, then settling and having kids. My understanding is it wasn’t something on his mind. There were a lot of hints for me that I didn’t see Alex going as far as she did.”

The Bachelor continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on Ten.

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