Seven shocking reveals in HBO's new ‘Beware the Slenderman’

“We were going to be like lionesses chasing down a zebra.”

On May 31, 2014, 12-year-olds Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier lured their friend Payton "Bella" Leutner into the woods where they stabbed her 19 times.

Geyser and Weier did this so they could be servants of Slenderman, an urban legend depicted as a tall man in a black suit with a featureless white face.

"Beware the Slenderman," which premieres Monday night on HBO at 10 p.m., will give viewers a look at the background of both Geysey and Weier, the struggles their parents now face and a peek inside the ongoing court case where they will be tried as adults.

Although you don't get to learn much more about the victim (Leutner's family did not participate in documentary), there was plenty of videos, pictures and other shocking details of the case that were shown.

Here's a look at seven stunning moments from Irene Taylor Brodsky's Slenderman documentary.

“Lionesses chasing down a zebra"

Some of the most shocking and intriguing parts of "Beware the Slenderman" was the footage of Geyser and Weier speaking with detectives just hours after the stabbing. It's extremely chilling to see just how calm Geyser was about what she had just done and Weier describing the many advanced plans they had for trying to kill Leutner.

Geyser is emotionless, speaking matter-of-factly when describing what happened. She never once cries or shows any signs of regret. Meanwhile, Weier cries multiple times throughout her interview, but she holds nothing back when describing why and how they went about trying to kill one of their best friends. At one point she refers to the time prior to the stabbing as "like lionesses chasing down a zebra."

Geyser's notebooks and dolls

When a private investigator was on the stand, he showed the court photos of disturbing drawings found in notebooks inside of Geyser's room. There were several drawn pictures of Slenderman along with notes saying "he will find you," "I want to die," "the pain is inside" and one that reads "come back you are missed" with a picture of Slenderman underneath.

The investigator also shares photos of Barbie dolls found in her room that Geyser colored all over. She used different colored markers to markup to dolls, many of which were stripped down. Some of the dolls were even covered with odd symbols. These showed Geyser clearly had a lot of darkness going on in her mind.

A look inside Leutner’s mind

Although Leutner and her family didn't take part in the documentary, the victim's tale was still told. Det. Shelley Fisher shared Leutner's account of what happened with the court — and it was absolutely terrifying. What started off as a sleepover birthday party quickly turned into the unthinkable.

Fisher walked the court through the chain of events that led to Leutner getting stabbed by Morgan. The whole story will send shivers down your spine, especially the part where Morgan climbs on top of Leutner and whispers "I'm sorry" in her ear and then goes forward with stabbing her multiple times.

Geyser had no reaction during in death scene in “Bambi”

Early on in the documentary, Geyser's mother Angie Geyser, was talking about whether or not she can look back and see signs that something may have been off about her daughter. Angie Geyser recalled showing her daughter "Bambi" when she was a child and being taken aback when Morgan had no reaction to the scene where Bambi's mother was shot and killed.

She said Morgan yelled at the TV for Bambi to keep running and to save himself. However, there were no tears shed or even any remorse for the death of the character. Bambi's mother dying is one of the saddest scenes in any Disney movie and it's haunting that she basically felt nothing watching it.

Weier’s immense struggles in school

While Geyser’s behavior was pinned to suffering with a mental illness, Weier’s was traced back to her longing to fit in, struggles with bullying and finding friends. This was highlighted by her fourth- and fifth-grade teacher, who showed the camera crew a yearbook entry from Anissa. In the message, she referred to her teacher, Tom Haynes, as a second father.

The fact that she wrote this crushed him because in hindsight he wishes he could've done more for her. He distinctly remembered her having an extremely hard time connecting with others in her class and talked about her crying multiple times. The teacher also remembers when she became friends with Geyser and was happy she finally made a connection.

This moment highlighted their longing to connect with others. It also focuses on showing they only had each other and opened the door for them to to seek friendships on the internet, which ultimately led them to Slenderman — someone they could please and gain acknowledgment from.

Geyser's struggle with schizophrenia

The documentary showed that Geyser had been living her life with an undiagnosed case of schizophrenia. Psychiatrists determined Geyser believed her visions associated with the illness were real and this is what led to her attachment to Slenderman.

Multiple psychiatrists go through the bizarre claims she made while incarcerated. Because of her mental state, she told doctors she had Vulcan mind control, thus not caring how long her prison sentence is, and that she's been visited by Professor Snape from Harry Potter. Her most important concern was her relationship with Slenderman and she fears if she upsets him, her family is in danger.

It was also surprising to hear Matt Geyser, Morgan's father, has suffered from schizophrenia his entire life. Her father talks about his experiences with it and how he tries to create mental static to stop it. He gives an example of his struggles — explaining that he sees the devil in the backseat of his car and knows it's not real. This sheds light that Morgan Geyser may have been seeing similar things.

Weier’s secret and frightening YouTube history

Much of the documentary shows Weier as a girl who simply wanted to connect and make friends, but couldn't. While this may have made her seem innocent, a quick tour of her history of YouTube comments will make you think otherwise.

Her viewing history features many odd videos, including ones that serve as questionnaire to see if you're a psychopath and a clip of a cat killing a mouse. On the mouse video, Weier commented she liked how the cat beat it to death. Some of the videos were dark and didn't seem to fit in line with how she normally acted around others.

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