Shaynna Blaze called a bogan again

CONTESTANT Carleen Foley is set to launch a stinging attack on judge Shaynna Blaze on this Sunday’s episode of The Block.

Carleen labels Blaze an “absolute bogan from nowhere” after she and husband Dan get a poor score for their guest bedroom and walk in wardrobe on the Channel 9 renovation show.

The outburst is sure to remind fans of a similar rant from Deanne Jolly during The Block Glasshouse.

In 2014, Jolly said Blaze was “a bogan from Wantirna” who has no idea about styling. The blow-up came after perceived inconsistencies in Blaze’s bathroom renovation judging.

Last Sunday, Carleen and Dan scored a dismal 17 out of 30 from Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker for their ensuite bathroom.

Nine sources confirm that the couple don’t do much better this Sunday and that Blaze’s score is particularly harsh.

The judges don’t like the paint colour, wallpaper or styling and Blaze calls it a “mishmash”.

That has Carleen seeing red and the 52-year-old mother of three comes out swinging.

“Shaynna Blaze, you absolute bogan from nowhere…..who’s done good,” Carleen says.

“We took a gamble on something different. Do they want me to make it the same as everybody else’s? It’s terribly insulting.”

The poor start on The Block is particularly galling for Carleen and Dan because they have renovated eight properties.

Those years of previous renovation experience had them boasting that they would run rings around their younger rivals on The Block.

Nine has described Carleen as “strong, determined and clearly wears the pants. She calls it how she sees it, is headstrong but sometimes gets lost in the drama.”

On The Block: Fans v Faves, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser unleashed an f-bomb spray at the judges, particularly Blaze, after getting a low score.

The pair accused Blaze of unfair scoring and threatened to walk off Nine’s renovation show.

The Adelaide twins were in tears and stormed out of The Block headquarters after the results were announced.

“That’s bull***t,” the pair said. “It’s so f***ing obvious what’s happening and it’s not fair. She’s got it in for us.”

Blaze hit back, describing the twins’ accusation as “hilarious”. Now it is up to Blaze to respond to Carleen’s outburst.

Game on.

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