‘They are offensive comments for women. Period’

ARIANNE Zucker, the woman Donald Trump met when he got off the Access Hollywood bus in the now-infamous 2005 video, has broken her silence on his “offensive” comments.

The actress appeared on NBC’s Today on Wednesday morning in her first interview since the controversy erupted last week, admitting she wasn’t shocked by the Republican candidate’s conversation with TV host Billy Bush.

“They are offensive comments for women. Period,” she told NBC’s Janet Shamlian.

But the Days of Our Lives star suggested that Trump’s behaviour wasn’t surprising.

“Not with that type of personality. I wasn’t shocked. Which is probably why it doesn’t mean a lot to me,” the 42-year-old said.

Zucker added that the fallout from the leaked recording has been “very surreal” and said she hasn’t been able to turn on the television without seeing the video everywhere.

“I want to teach my daughter that if she ever gets put in a situation like Mummy is [in] right now, that she will hold her head high,” she said.

Zucker didn’t say whether she accepted Trump’s “interesting” apology, referring to the statement he released after the damning video was made public. “I said it, I was wrong, and I apologise,” the billionaire said, calling the banter between himself and Billy Bush “locker room talk”.

“I think men can learn from this how not to be in front of women or when they’re speaking about women,” Zucker said. “I’m ready to use it in a proper way. I’m ready to use it for positivity. I’m ready to use it for women to step forward and to do good things in my life and for other people.”

Nancy O’Dell, the “married woman” Trump refers to in the recording, also spoke out about the controversy on national television this week. The Entertainment Tonight host said that her name being mentioned in the tape has “thrown me into the middle of the political arena of which I didn’t ask to be a part.”

Several women have since forward alleging that Trump assaulted them in incidents spanning decades.

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