Wedding song trailer’s sour note

THE trailer showcasing their wedding has been seen by more than one million people, but there’s a fair chance the reluctant stars of Australia’s Cheapest Weddings won’t be tuning in to watch the episode tonight.

Emma and Steve Dilliway are the latest reality show participants to cry foul of the editing process which turned their Australian’s Cheapest Wedding appearance and their March nuptials into a cheap joke.

Emma has been mocked extensively on social media since Channel Seven aired the trailer on television and posted it on its Facebook page last week.

Comments pillorying the moment the Maryborough woman sang Celine Dion’s The Power of Love to her husband prompted Steven into a Facebook “rant” defending his wife.

They said her singing performance had been edited to remove background accompaniment, and shots of the groom and Emma’s father looking ‘uncomfortable’ had been cut in out of context.

“The amount of nasty comments that have been said about my wife is appalling! What Emma did took so much courage and everyone that was at our wedding loved it including myself,” Steven wrote.

“They way the ads have been portrayed hasn’t done her singing any justice,” he continued.

“Her singing was actually really good, the background music has been edited out, it is a couple of scenes put together too give the appearance that myself and her father are in shock when actually we weren’t.”

He then hit back at Emma’s critics.

“It was a super hot day and being in the suits was so uncomfortable due to the heat, so if all you so-called adults don’t have anything nice too say don’t say anything at all, or didn’t you get taught that as children?”

Thanking supporters for their comments, Emma said she didn’t want to watch the show.

“Thank you very much,” she wrote to woman who told her to “hold her head high”.

“I myself don’t want to watch it ... I am so disappointed in it, can you image how much money they are making at my expense? Thank you so much for you kind thoughts.”

Steven added that Emma’s song was “out of this world, it made the day all that more special”.

“I will always stick up for my wife! What she did for me takes so much courage,” he continued.

“I told Emma that half of the critics aren’t even married, let alone have the nerve to do what Emma did for me at our wedding.

“I will always stand up for my beautiful wife as she doesn't deserve this kind of negativity that people are throwing her way.”

Emma was in tears and didn’t want to go outside after the trailer aired and the hating started, she told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

“I’m just shocked. I didn’t expect it to get a thousand views, but a million views is just crazy,” she said.

“I have pretty much been in tears the last few days and I haven’t wanted to go outside.

“They have taken a tiny bit of the day that just makes [our] wedding look really, really bad.

“They turned our special day into a joke.”

Steven told the paper initially he thought having the show on board for the wedding would be a great experience.

“To receive the amount of negative flak over it has been horrible, considering the episode hasn’t even aired yet,” he said.

“It’s extremely frustrating for me, I know the reason why Emma did it. It was a gesture of her love to me.

“It’s not something people should be making fun of.”

He said having words put in his mouth saying he was “horrified” made him angry.

“They don’t know how me or my father-in-law were feeling or what we were thinking,” he said.

“Surely people have something better to do than make fun of [it].”

The pair can only hope that when the show airs tonight at 8.50pm, it will get less viewers than the viral trailer. Last week on debut Australia’s Cheapest Weddings attracted 708,000 metropolitan viewers.

Seven has been approached for comment.

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